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5 lessons you can learn from successful B2B LinkedIn company pages

It's no secret among B2Bs that LinkedIn is one of the most effective social media channels for generating new business leads; however, many are still struggling to get the most out of their LinkedIn pages.

As a recent KO Marketing Associates blog post noted, finding new ways to engage your audience on LinkedIn not only increases lead generation, but it also boosts brand awareness, enhances your thought leadership and helps to make valuable industry connections.

So, let's take a look at some of the B2Bs that are getting serious engagement on their LinkedIn pages, to see what they're doing right:

Content that resonates

The KO Marketing article flags up the EY LinkedIn Page, which finds and shares information that it knows will resonate with the company's audience - for example: "How will family businesses make sure they reach the 22nd century?" By tackling issues that address the concerns of its audience, the company provides valuable tips and presents itself as a useful resource.

Share company news

Sharing company news, events and happenings keeps audiences engaged and shows that you are an open business which communicates regularly and proactively - something that Hootsuite pulls off really well. As well as sharing useful tips and resources, don't be afraid to share brand-specific content...just be careful not to overdo it. As a general guide, you should try to apply the '80/20 rule', with around 20% of your social media content is specifically about your products and/or services and the rest focusing on third party, added-value content.

Be easy to find

Make sure that your Company Page name and URL match or at least co-ordinate with your other social media accounts. In addition to this, there are specific measures to take when a merger or acquisition takes place, as evidenced by Eloqua - recently acquired by Oracle. This includes updating the old Company Page with the new website link (if you're unable to integrate it with the page you're moving to); ensuring you have an up-to-date description; and providing any other information that will help your audience find you.

Create a discussion

Don't just view LinkedIn as a platform to promote your business. Instead, look to Evernote's example and use it to offer the support your community needs. Create a space of discussion where professionals in your industry can exchange knowledge on relevant topics, while you answer questions and provide useful tips. Get involved in valuable conversations with your audience and you'll see engagement spike.

Showcase company culture

Your LinkedIn Company Page should portray why somebody should want to work with and for your company. Completing a detailed careers tab, such as Deloitte has done, is an effective way to share more about your company culture, and can be particularly useful during networking and recruiting drives. Be sure also to link to other social media platforms and to your website.

Are there any B2B LinkedIn pages that you take particular inspiration from?