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Social Success: Some Tips For Boosting Your Company’s Mentions

Sharing regular, interesting content on your social channels is a great way to engage your target audience, but it's only going to get you so far. If you really want to get your name out there and extend your social reach (who doesn't?), then you need to focus on boosting your company mentions.


A company 'mention' simply means every time someone posts about your brand on social media - a Twitter retweet, a LinkedIn share, an Instagram repost for instance. Ultimately, the more mentions, the wider your reach. But, you first have to convince users to become social advocates of your brand and share your content. Here are some tips on how you can do just that, as outlined in a recent Business2Community article:


Interact: It's called 'social' media for a reason! Think of content creation as having a big conversation with your audience. The best posts prompt a response – ask questions, ask for feedback, reply to comments, thank customers for their comments, etc.

Snap happy: Visual content - including images - is more likely to get shared than text-based posts. Nevertheless, those images need be shareable! Memes, quote-based images and funny pics all stand a good chance of being shared. You could also share 'behind the scenes' snaps of your company - the office, your team, any milestones you celebrate or events you attend. These personal photos will help users identify with your brand which could boost loyalty - and mentions.

Get social on the weekends: Many marketers believe that Monday and Tuesday are the best days to post viral content. However, as weekends tend to be a little quieter on the social front, they provide an ideal opportunity for new and small businesses to "create some noise and gain traction for their brands." Got better things to do with your Saturday? Simply schedule your posts beforehand.

Make 'em smile: If you fancy yourself a bit of a comedian and think you can make people laugh without being too cheesy or offensive, then go for it. Funny jokes, images and videos all get plenty of shares. We all love a light-hearted post, particularly on a wet Monday morning.

Add value: Think of ways you can add value to your content marketing. For instance, you could create an informative, industry-related 'how to' guide or video tutorial consumers will find useful and may share with their own community. Or, you could share insightful, engaging blog posts that will provoke a response from users; better still, write your own and impress your social media community with your knowledge.

Any other tips for boosting company mentions on social media?