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The World’s Top Tech Brands Are Using Linkedin Sponsored Updates. Why Aren’t You?

If you want to keep up with the latest digital marketing tactics, taking a look at what technology marketers are up to is often a good place to start. They were the first adopters of online advertising, SEO, social media and, more recently, using LinkedIn to drive their content marketing strategies.

Content marketing is nothing new, but using LinkedIn to lead your content strategy has only recently become a seriously big deal. Unsurprisingly, technology companies are leading the charge - according to LinkedIn's own figures, they account for six of the top 10 most influential global brands on the platform.

To explore this in more detail, LinkedIn rounded up its 50 most influential high-tech brands in an infographic entitled "The Content Marketing 50: High Tech Edition."

The list of names was determined using LinkedIn's Content Marketing Score, which is calculated by measuring the difference between the total target audience and the number of unique users who have engaged with the content so far this year.

The study reveals some fascinating insights into how these top-performing brands inform, inspire and engage their audiences – they understand who they are targeting, where to find them, and how to create content that will get them interested. What's more, they realise the massive potential of using sponsored updates.

Below are three best practices that all (yes, every single one!) of the 50 most influential brands on LinkedIn have in common:

  • 100% regularly shared updates on their company's LinkedIn Page – the highest ranking brands averaged 14-46 posts each week.
  • 100% of the 50 top tech companies got their employees to regularly share and post content on their own networks.
  • 100% invested in LinkedIn sponsored updates to provide a consistent presence in their target audience's LinkedIn feeds.

The above statistics show that these successful brands are combining reach, frequency and engagement to reach their clients and customers. By taking a consistent, hands-on approach to delivering content, they ensure that they're at the forefront of their target audiences’ minds.

Many XFC clients are already seeing phenomenal results from using LinkedIn sponsored updates. If you want to know whether your B2B could benefit from using them - or if you just need a helping hand getting started - feel free to get in touch to find out more:

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