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Using Social Media To Boost Web Traffic: The Beautiful Basics

For most B2B companies, generating new leads is the ultimate goal of using social media marketing. But just finding these prospects on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook isn't enough - you also need to consider what you want to do with them. Social media marketing is one of the most effective ways to ensure that you get that result.


As a recent Business2Community article explains, the main aim should be getting prospects to visit your website where they'll see more amazing content, become even more interested in your product or service, and then enter the sales funnel - getting them right where you want them.


Prospects needs a lot of encouraging to seriously consider your offering, and having a defined social media strategy is the best way to create an experience that naturally drives them in that direction, while boosting your web traffic along the way.

With Shareaholic stating that nearly a third of all web traffic comes from social media, and indications that this proportion is growing even more, here are a couple of essential ingredients in using social media marketing to increase your web traffic.

Are your web properties social media-ready?

You probably already have a dedicated area on your website, with content and perhaps an online blog designed to win over prospects. But this cannot exist on its own; potential buyers now use multiple channels during their decision-making process, including social media, which is why your web presence must be social media-ready. This includes adding social sharing buttons to your blog posts; asking readers to share your content with a simple call to action; allowing comments on your blog posts (and responding to them!) and linking your social profiles in content where it feels relevant to do so.

Create your posts with web traffic in mind

You may have heard of click-baiting - if not, you're sure to have fallen prey to it yourself on more than one occasion! While you want the tone of your content to be in keeping with your brand, there's no harm in using a few tricks of the trade to prime your social posts to bring even more people to your site. Using key words and phrases is a good place to starts, as are hashtags and image-led advertising. You could also adjust your social media calendar so that certain posts specifically target gated content - that's the more in-depth ebooks and white papers on your website. These documents will help demonstrate to prospects that you really are an industry thought leader...but you need to bring them there first!

With these beautiful basics in place, you should be able to use social media to actively drive web traffic to your site. For more information on how social media can help your B2B marketing efforts, get in touch today!